A venture studio based in Austin, Texas.

We build and fund companies at the intersection of blockchain, gaming, and the decentralized internet.

About Us

We're a team of experienced game makers, technical leaders, and blockchain evangelists building on platforms that will empower a new generation of decentralized gaming, commerce, and collectibles.

  • Player Driven Economies

    We are building global economies driven by true player ownership, verifiable scarcity and deeply integrated, player-driven markets.

  • Mass Market Adoption

    Our goal is to create immersive and accessible gaming experiences that drive consumer adoption of distributed ledger technologies.

  • Product Excellence

    We are product entrepreneurs and have built and operated products that people love. We have deep product expertise including product management, live operations, network effects, and viral growth.

Work With Us

We are building teams that can solve complex issues in a rapidly emerging market. We build, enable and invest in great entrepreneurship. If you are interested in working within our network, we’re excited to chat.


If you’d like to get in touch with us, reach out!